• Apple & Black Tea
  • Passion Fruit Green Tea
  • Lemon & Black Tea
The Story of Fruit Teas - Apple & Black Tea
This rare flavor is based on a superior black tea extract that, with a clever balance between tart and sweet, gives the brew its slightly sour, pomaceous and simply mouth-watering taste.
Volume585 ml650 ml
Shelf life1 year16 day
The Story of Fruit Teas - Passion Fruit Green Tea
Refreshing green tea extract is merged with a passion fruit blend for a tart-and-sweet flavor you won’t forget!
Volume585 ml
Shelf life1 year
The Story of Fruit Teas - Lemon & Black Tea
Aromatic black tea is laced, in a golden ratio, with fine-quality lemon concentrate for a refreshing burst of tart-and-sweet flavor that cools and sooths.
Volume650 ml250 ml
PackageTRTetra Pak
Shelf life16 day1 year