Morning sunshine, crisp air and fresh-picked tea leaves --- all in one package!
Kuang Chuan Jasmine Honey Tea was Taiwan’s first Tetra Brik Aseptic carton packaged beverage. For more than two decades, it has insisted on a recipe that uses fresh-picked tea leaves with choice budding jasmine, and then profusely lacing the resultant golden-hued brew with honey for extra mellowness. Such a terrific marriage of tea, jasmine blossoms and honey gave rise to a classic, nonpareil, one-of-a-kind taste which reflects the expert hand-brewing!
Life’s more fun with Jasmine!
To further diversify and improve our herbal tea lineup, in addition to the existing carton package of the highly popular Kuang Chuan Jasmine Honey Tea, PET bottles are also added for the chilled options, introduced to meet the growing demand for refrigerated beverages. Following the launch of new flavors (Jasmine Pomelo Tea and Jasmine Green Tea), we named our herbal tea sub-brand Jasmine Garden to not only bolster consumer perceptions, but also to underscore our commitment to quality, which hasn’t changed for the past 20-plus years and will remain honored in the many years to come.