Produced the highest quality milk with our 100% persistence on milk product in terms of firm belief of Truth,Honesty and Reality.
Great effect on boosting your metabolism thanks to the selective fermentation of pure and fresh milk source and active lactic acid bacteria.
Grain Milk
Made from our exclusive,good old-fashioned recipes for a unique,nostalgic taste, these fresh,rich and delicious traditional drinks never fail to amaze!
Tea Drinks
Enjoy the natural flavor,mellow finish and aroma of premium teas fully captured in every bottle,wherever and whenever you please!
Fruit Juice
Made fresh from best-quality fruits, Kuang Chuan’s juice drinks feature amazing,unpretentious flavors of fruits with unique mouthfeel you’ll not forget.
These high-quality dessert and snacks are not only nutritional, but their unique mouthfeel will also make everyone yearn to get another one,be it at a casual dinner or a party!
Premium and pure water: Well-balanced of mineral and taste smoothly. Suitable for all kinds of aged people drink every day.
Coffee Factory: Unleash the True Flavor of Coffee
Kuang Chuan’s exclusive roasting technique captures the natural aroma of coffee in a rich flavorful brew, with an incredibly smooth finish that lingers.
Ideal for the sweltering summertime,these thirst-quenchers keep you energetic and healthy!