• Exclusive Cold-extraction Process of Tea Molecules

    With groundbreaking technology, Kuang Chuan launched Taiwan’s first ready-to-drink tea brand that adopted a cold-brewing process proven to effectively extract the sweet-tasting amino acids from tea leaves while, at the same time...

  • A Rich and Delicious Tea-to-Milk Golden Ratio

    Tea Time, an upscale sub-brand of Kuang Chuan, bases its rich and flavorful drinks on a perfect tea-to-milk ratio. Made with premium black tea extract plus the right amount of milkiness...

  • An everyday health boost to a balanced diet

    The potency of whole-grain soybeans helps you achieve nutritional balance!(ONO GMO)
    True tastiness redefined by fragrance-free Kuang Chuan Rice Milk

  • Authentic, Natural & Real

    You may have unwittingly come across soft-drink bottles that read Kuang Chuan Zheng Zhuang, but do you know that each of those bottles is packed with nature’s best, meticulously processed to unlock the secrets of our childhood memories?