Kuang Chuan’s unyielding pursuit of authentic, honest,real milk products
With an unswerving commitment to providing 100% fresh, superior-quality milk with maximum nutritional value and health benefits, Kuang Chuan has garnered consumer critical acclaim besides various accolades over the years, including Monde Selection medals and the Taiwanese Top Brand award.
Just as our planet is endowed with 100% unadulterated sunshine, air and water, so each bottle of Kuang Chuan’s fresh milk gives you 100% unadulterated healthful benefits.
Kuang Chuan’ professional insistence behind its 100% fresh milk:
1.We partner ONLY with well-established dairy farms nationwide and constantly give them management guidance to ensure great quality.
2.Our milk comes ONLY from healthy cows raised with state-of-the-art technologies.
3.We preserve the WHOLE PACKAGE of nutrients (protein, fat, lactose, minerals and vitamins) and the natural aroma of fine-quality raw milk for a taste every bit as healthful and delicious as it should.
4.Our exclusive FARM-TO-TABLE quality assurance mechanism requires that raw milk be collected daily by designated staff and delivered in specially outfitted trucks that keep it refrigerated and fresh until consumed!