The name Kuang Chuan has been synonymous with endless creativity since its establishment in 1956. Based on our executives’ innovation-oriented business philosophy, we have made R&D an integral part of our corporate organization and impressed the world with multiple revolutionary products, many of which remain best-selling today.
The first Kuang Chuan plant, set up along with the Quality Control Section and Research & Development Division in 1980 in Dayuan Township, Taiyuan County, has been expanded repetitively to cope with rising market demands. In 2005, we started up an R&D Center, which later merged in 2009 with
the Marketing Department into a “Marketing, Research and Development Center” to introduce trend-setting products. Kuang Chuan’s excellence in dairy, beverage and other segments of the food industry has been acknowledged by competitors and consumers alike, with our operational insights and R&D prowess encapsulated by each successful product launch.
Having built a top-notch R&D talent pool, the well-equipped, well-funded Kuang Chuan embraces the business philosophy of meeting market demands by constantly presenting creative, popular and game-changing products that bolster competitiveness. In 1986, one year after our expansion from dairy- to juice-processing, we pioneered floral tea drinks by launching a series that not only boasted an unprecedented 375 cc aseptic package, but also helped to strengthen our position as a
maker of prestigious Taiwanese drinks, among which the Kuang Chuan Jasmine Tea remains an all-time nationwide favorite.